Artist Statement

Cynthia Lahti

I have chosen to live my life in constant pursuit of raising my artwork to new levels. I grew up in Oregon and have always been excited by the emotional intensity and depth of the artwork created here.   As a child, the wild environments of Oregon became my second home, as family explorations took us all over the state. These experiences of being in nature influence me to this day, I feel a  strong connection to the land and the truths it contain. It encourages me to be ruthless and fearless in my studio and guilds me in my life choices. My art, which encompasses drawing, collage, and ceramic sculpture, is influenced by human artifacts from ancient times to the present, as well as by my personal experiences and emotions. I believe even the smallest artifact can evoke the most powerful feelings, and I draw inspiration from objects and images, both historical and contemporary, that have the potential to reflect beyond themselves. I seek in my art to force a deeper explanation of reality and to facilitate a connection with a larger human experience.

Throughout my artistic career I have honed my technical skills and sensitivity to materials, and I am currently exploring the way various materials affect the conceptual intent and impact of each piece. The three dimensional pieces combine paper with sculpted ceramic components resulting in expansion of the artworks’ potency and eloquence. The source images for elements include old books, documentary photographs and figurative sculptures from antiquity. The materials are altered, manipulated, and combined in a process that becomes an obvious and integral part of the completed piece. The paper introduces an element of fragility, while also referring to art historical uses of “found” objects and materials by artists associated with Dada and Surrealism. At the heart of these works is the potential of each material to evoke a different emotional response, on a full spectrum of tensions and resonances.

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